Third Coast Health Check

Third Coast Health Check is an automated motor speed and current check for Java robots that we run in our Pit during competion. Detecting changes in speed or current for a given drive voltage can help predict failures.

Example of Health Check Report


We use Kotlin to implement the health check framework so we can write health checks in a domain-specific languange (DSL). An example of a health check written in this DSL:

healthCheck = healthCheck {
    talonCheck {
        name = "swerve azimuth tests"
        talons = { it.azimuthTalon }

        timedTest {
            percentOutput = 0.25
            currentRange = 0.25..0.75
            speedRange = 215..250

This says run all azimuth talons a 25% output for a preset amount of time and measure average current and speed. The test passes if average current is in currentRange and average speed is in speedRange.

See the HealthCheckCommand in for a full example. Note this is robot season and motor controller specific, you will need to customize the command for your own robot.

Results of the health check are written to /var/local/natinst/www/healthcheck/index.html and use the roboRIO embedded web server to display results at http://10.TE.AM.2/healthcheck/index.html


  1. A functional 2019 example of Kotlin code to drive the health checks is located in our DEEPSPACE code repository. Add this code to your project.
  2. A CSS stylesheet for the report is is located in src/main/resources/healthcheck.css and should also be copied to your project.
  3. Create the report output directory and make this directory writable by the robot program:
$ mkdir /var/local/natinst/www/healthcheck
$ chown lvuser /var/local/natinst/www/healthcheck
  1. Create a command, similar to HealthCheckCommand above, to define specific tests to run.
  2. Attach this command to a Smart Dashboard button that will start it.


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