Stryke Force at the West Michigan Robotics Invitational 2019: Goodbye Airtight!

Posted on Oct 30, 2019 by Zach Z.

The West Michigan Robotics Invitational (WMRI) was the final off-season event and the last time that we would see Airtight—the name of our robot—in action. There were a number of robot problems throughout the day, including our trident falling out mid-match. But with quick work, the rest of the pit crew and I were able to bring the robot back to working order.

We had made it to the finals, and everything seemed to be going well. After two thrilling matches, we were going to a tiebreaker. The score was close and we were reaching the final few seconds that our robot would ever play. Our suction cup pulled a seal on the hab and we started to rise up. But then our robot got caught underneath the bumpers of our alliance partner and our robot went sideways which is pictured below.


With 7 finals appearances but 0 event wins, this robot was still quite amazing the whole season. Despite the unfortunate loss at WMRI, I was amazed by how great our team dynamic was. Everyone there was so in sync with each other and they knew exactly what to do. Even with a new driver, and multiple new pit crew members, we all worked as one cohesive team. I am very impressed with the engagement of our whole team, and there is no doubt in my mind that Stryke Force will be operating at its maximum capabilities next year.



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