The Stryke Force Education Experience

Posted on Oct 25, 2019 by Cassie N.

Stryke Force is helping students receive education in new and different ways, helping them prepare for the future.

Stryke Force has taught me so many things that it’s hard to pick where to start. I used to be a really shy kid and I could hardly talk to new people, let alone give a presentation to a class full of them. Through joining the team and working with the people here, I have learned how to express myself, among other important life skills. At Stryke Force, we learn how to comfortably speak and share ideas with others without fear of judgement. We learn to embrace our creativity, which inspires those ideas. Like during kickoff, we share our thoughts and opinions on the game, so we can create the best strategy for the team. Thanks to these newfound skills, I now have an easier time in school. Presentations are less nerve-wracking, and communicating with my teacher and peers has never been easier.

I look forward to all the activities we do here and I love to learn from them. I get excited when speakers come in to talk to us about the future. They come in and give advice on what we can do to better that future. It’s always better than I expect. The team makes me excited to learn and I love understanding new subjects and applying them. It is especially satisfying when we cover similar topics in school; I become a consilient thinker. Being able to help other people, like Stryke Force has helped me, is a really gratifying experience. Stryke Force exposes me to interesting subjects that expand my view and, ultimately, prepare me for the future. Stryke Force leads me to be me and that is the true Stryke Force experience.


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