Let's Get Down to Business

Posted on Sep 25, 2018 by Audrey R.

Giving professional presentations, forming relationships with local businesses, editing web pages and planning community events: what do all of these actions have in common?

They are all exciting aspects of the Stryke Force business team! Stryke Force’s business team and student ambassadors have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming build season. This requires ensuring that our team remains a dependable and well-rounded organization.

Highlights from the business side over the past couple of months include a handful of business presentations, developing interesting additions for our web page, teaching marketing strategies to our middle school teams, hosting State Representative Jon Hoadley to give us a talk on fund raising, and helping to facilitate the parent/student team meeting held just this past week. Additionally, there’s even more excitement still to come, with the business team organizing community events, drafting essays for the competition, and getting our business plan up to date. The whole team is thrilled to continue teaching members the importance of business, communication, and leadership.


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